Introducing Harley James to the Third Graders at Monon Trail!

This week I had the pleasure of speaking to the entire third grade class at Monon Trail in Westfield.

As a serial entrepreneur, I had a lot to share with the kids. They are currently studying economics through a project called the Monon Market. The kids get to come up with their own product ideas, and then sell them to their classmates. When I heard they needed career speakers, I did not hesitate to volunteer!

I stood in front of about one hundred students and shared my story. Not only have my husband and I built and sold several eCommerce companies, we are also starting a publishing company. I explained to them that Harley James would be our debut book series.

With my background in graphic design, I created a special book of Brain Teasers for the kids to take home. In fact, the first de-coded message reads "Monon Trail Students Rock!". I hope they enjoyed it.

I was lucky enough to snap a quick photo with my daughter Savannah after I presented. It was a great experience!

Enjoy the adventure,

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