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Harley James & the Peril of the Pirate's Curse

Harley James & the Peril of the Pirate's Curse

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One young girl, a magic pearl…and a race against the clock to protect an island…

Harley James’ adventures take her to Port Royal, Jamaica—home to the famous sunken pirate city of the Caribbean. Her mission? Prevent a mythical blue pearl from being found—before the city is demolished.

As a self-proclaimed cryptologist, Harley must rely on her expertise to solve riddles, find clues…and save the city. But the longer she’s on the island, Harley wonders who to trust.  She can’t seem to differentiate between her friends…and enemies 

Join Harley as she steals an ancient diary, meets the ghost of a young pirate and rushes to preserve the secret of the Perla Azul.

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