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Harley James and the Puzzle In Paris

Harley James and the Puzzle In Paris

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Will Harley recover the stolen amethyst before the past comes back to life?

Like any amateur cryptologist and adventurer extraordinaire, Harley James has just one wish for her 12th birthday: to join her peers in an exploration of the city of Paris. With her father’s approval, she makes her way to France, ready to discover the secrets of the City of Light.

But just as she arrives, Harley learns that an item has been stolen from the Louvre Art Museum—the legendary amethyst Rose de Paris. Soon after, she receives a message from S.M.A.L.L. with her next mission: find the stolen artifact before it falls into the wrong hands and return it home to the Louvre.

Sounds easy enough, right?

Even for an adventurer like Harley, this mission will be her toughest yet... because she isn’t the only one with eyes on the amethyst. Albert Monet, the mastermind and thief responsible for the museum heist, wants the Rose de Paris for himself—and his intentions are anything but good.

Now, to stop Monet and reclaim the stolen amethyst, Harley must team up with local Parisian, Veronica Dubois, on a journey through Paris and deep beneath the city where others fear to tread. It’s there, in the ancient tunnels known as the Catacombs of Paris, that the daring duo discover more than they expected.

Not only are the miles of tunnels home to the bones of over six million people buried centuries earlier; they also hide some dark secrets that were never meant to see the light of day.

Once again, it’s a dangerous race against time as Harley must use her codebreaking skills and fearless thirst for adventure to recover the stolen amethyst. Can she and new Parisian friend work together to solve the mystery of the Rose de Paris and prevent the success of Monet’s deadly plot?

Follow along as Harley and Veronica navigate the hidden world beneath Paris, find a secret map of the mysterious tombs, solve some serious puzzles and riddles, and prevent Albert Monet from raising the bones of the catacombs back from the dead.

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